Reviews of Electric Cars for Kids

We bring you reviews and information on the best toy cars and electric cars for kids available to buy today whether it be for a very young child or an older larger child, ride on or remote control, rugged or sporty you are in the right place.

Electric Cars for Kids

Why should you buy an electric car for your kids?

Because electric ride on and remote control cars are just so cool and kids go crazy for them!

When I was a kid, my favorite toy was a red plastic sit on digger. It had a working arm which I used to spend hours digging up my garden. If that had been electric I think it would have been the ultimate toy, thankfully for my parents garden it was powered by my 2 year old arms.

My next favorite toy was a bright red, Lamborghini Countach, (showing my age!) remote control car that I was given for my fifth birthday. To me, it was the most amazing thing ever. All the previous remote control cars I had been given previously where the type where the cable was connected to the car. When all you want to do is race around the living room, that can be pretty limiting. This, on the other hand was a true, “remote” control car which allowed me to happily stand in the corner and whiz around the kitchen.
Electric Cars for Kids
To a five year old boy that remote control Lamborghini was as good as the real thing to an adult.

When I was young,  all the electric ride on cars for kids were really expensive, waaaaay beyond what my family could afford. Now, (like most things technological) they are accessible to most families which means that many children can have fun with these great toys.

Electric cars for kids

What sort of Kids Electric Cars will you find reviewed on

We look at small remote control cars such as the Kid Galaxy RC Bump ‘n Chuck Bumper Cars. We also look at cars for the younger child such as the Power Wheels Lil’ Harley and the bigger, more powerful ride-on electric cars like the Peg Perego John Deere Gator XUV which is perfect for any child that wants to have loads of fun in the mud!

Ride on electric cars for kids most commonly come with 6 volt or 12 volt power supplied by a built in battery.

6 Volt Electric Cars  are more suitable for younger kids as they often have a top speed of no more than 2mph which means it is easy for both you and them to control. The lack of power also means that a 6v electric car will struggle with the weight of older children.

12 Volt Electric Cars tend to have a top speed of around 5mph, will often be 2 seater and will suit kids from 3 years and above, (with parent supervision)! This makes them perfect for older children who will find the 6v far too slow. The range of 12v electric cars is far wider than 6v and you can find cars that are replicas of the most popular car brands such as Ford, Mercedes and Audi.

Can you get Kids Electric Cars with Parental Controls?

Yes, there are plenty of ride on cars for kids available that have a remote control function for parents. Why is this useful? This is a feature that you may want as it allows either the child to do the steering or should they be having difficult or look like they are heading somewhere that will cause them to have an accident you will be able to intervene.

Electric Cars for Kids

A car such as this Porsche Boxster style 12v car is a great example of a ride on electric car with parental control.

Are the batteries in Kids Ride on Cars rechargeable?

Different cars and brands offer different methods. When you come to buy an Electric ride on car it is certainly worth checking whether the car battery is rechargeable or whether a replacement will be needed before you purchase.

It is also worth considering that your child may not have the patience to wait for a battery to recharge. In this case if you value you your peace you may want to buy an additional battery such as this 12v kids electric car battery offered by Fisher-Price

Do Ride on Toy Cars require putting together?

Most of the ride on electric cars you can buy will require you to put in just a little elbow grease before your child can scream and drift around the house.

The majority will need you to attach the bodywork panels, the wheels, the seats, the steering wheel and the stickers which complete the look. While this sounds complicated it is actually fairly simple and requires nothing more than a few screwdrivers and spanners, the usual thing most people have in their house.

If you are looking at getting one of the smaller remote control cars then chances are the only work you will need to do is install the batteries, (make sure to double check when you buy what batteries are required and buy some spare. Most remote control cars are pretty good at eating through a set of AA’s in a few hours!)

On you will find a number of articles which serve as guides to finding the best toy car for both a toddler and 12v ride-on’s for an older child and we hope these help you when choosing the best electric or motorized car for your child.

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